Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Death of my beloved wife

It is my sad duty to inform all you readers of this Blog of the untimely death of my beloved wife, Hula Debe Nalu, in Daru on Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008.

Hula had been suffering from suspected post-natal complications following the birth of our fourth child, Keith, last June.

She visited Daru to be with family, however, in the process feel ill and was admitted to Daru hospital on Easter Saturday, but died the next day, leaving behind me and four broken-hearted young children.

She was laid to rest at her Irupi village on Tuesday, March 25.

I was away for a week because of this totally-unexpected tragedy which has befell me, and returned to Port Moresby on Saturday, March 29.

Please think of me and my four young children, as well as our beloved wife and mother, in your prayers.

Hula is pictured above giving a seesaw to our one and only daughter Moasing.

Good Bless You All!

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