Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another escapee recaptured

Robbery suspect caught with two others near Morata

 One more escapee in the Jan 12 Bomana prison break out was recaptured yesterday, The National reports.

Kito Aso (pictured) was caught near the Morata swamp in Port Moresby at around 3.30pm yesterday.

Two other people who were with Aso were also detained and brought to the police station for questioning. Police were on routine patrol in the area, and got a tip off and moved in to arrest him.

Aso is classified as one of six high-profile detainees by Police and Correctional Service authorities. He was alleged to have been involved in the BSP bank robberies in 2008 along with William Nanua Kapris and Oliver Ben Gabi.

Gabi was the first to be recaptured, while Kapris was caught three weeks ago in a motel in the city.

Three other high profile detainees still on the run are Don Aka, Elizah Tingal and Ben Nom.

Of the 12 that broke out from Bomana on Jan 12, six have now been recaptured.

Police confirmed that Aso was not shot at or harmed as he did not make any attempt to escapee when they police arrested him.

Police confirmed last night that Aso and two other suspects were detained at the Boroko police station cell.

They said they were carrying out their operations effectively and were closing in on the other six remaining escapees and the mystery woman lawyer.

Police have also called on the woman “human rights lawyer” who aided the escape to voluntarily surrender. Police suspect a woman from Enga whose parents and relatives live in Lae.

The woman’s mother was questioned by police last week.

Meanwhile, Port Moresby general hospital staff said last night that, John Siko Wel, an escapee who was recaptured earlier this month and nursing bullet wounds to his right knee at the hospital was transferred to the surgical ward for a plaster operation last night.

He was transferred under heavy police guard.

Siko Wel is expected to be taken back into police custody this week. It is understood doctors elected not to amputate his leg. The escapee was shot in the right knee as he tried to escape when the police moved in to arrest him at a home in Gerehu

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