Friday, February 12, 2010

Kompiam sets out to develop coffee industry

Caption: Eager…Kompiam Cooperative Society Farmers at the CIC coffee nursery site during their visit


Story and picture by YVONNE NGUTLICK of CIC


Kompiam district in the Enga Province is gearing up to set the pace for its coffee industry as plans progress.

Kompiam district is located northeast of Enga Province.

 It is one of two leading coffee producing districts in the Province.

The other is Wapanemanda district.

Steep slopes in the area pose strong agricultural pressure on the land and its people.

 Incomes are derived primarily from coffee and sale fresh produce.

The Kompiam Cooperative Society has big plans to service its district by establishing central coffee nurseries, rehabilitating existing tree-stock, in-filling and gradually progress its coffee industry backed with financial support from local MP John Pundari.

Kompiam District produces on average about 20,000 bags of parchment coffee annually, valued at K5 million.

Subsequent to a basic coffee training on nursery establishment and harvest and processing late last year 2009, the Kompiam Cooperative Society refurbished its drive to work on coffee.

The Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) facilitated training.

Then, a recent visit to the CIC research division in Aiyura, Eastern Highlands province to get a glimpse of the practicalities of coffee production saw a group of keen farmers adamant and eager to reap the blessings of the crop.

The trip was also intended to gain technical expertise and advice coffee production.





  1. Anonymous6:12 PM

    With a good road network in Kompiam and Ambum, the coffee industry is just a waste of time, efforts and money. Pundari had been a local MP for a good number of years. By this time Kompiam should have had a nice road with good feeder roads connected. This just another political gimmicks as usual. I can't by this.

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Well, if he can bring in the other servics like Health and Education, whats the big thing about the road of Kompiam-Ambum?
    Not a big deal but the problem is he is a too busy man so he needs time to settle down everything. But always bear in mind that road is not a problem because we can still live and succed without road but we cannot without Health and Education. And these are the areas which Mr. Pundari concerntrates more on.

  3. Anonymous1:17 PM

    mate, fix the dam roads, hospitals and schools first. otherwise, this is another political gimmick. he's been MP for 15 yrs now. why wasing money on small bush track roads? current Kembos to Kompiam maintenance is by ADB if you don';t know.

  4. What has John Pundari done for Kompiam/Ambum so far? NOTHING! Thats because he is busy with his Millenium guard business in Port Moresby. Not only the Kompiam road is in a mess but also the Ambum valley road all the way to Londol. A little part of the Kompiam road was upgraded from his threshold down to Birip but why not continue to Wapai, Aperas and Yamanda, and from Birip all the way to Kompiam station, Imbilik, Marambe and Lapalama down to Tekem and Yangis?! Human beings live there and he should have done something a very long time ago!
    Maski long preach preach tasol na mekim real work! Bisnis blo you am ino important! Ol pipol blo kompiam/ambum em IMPORANT!