Tuesday, February 09, 2010

US Jazz Ambassadors conduct musical workshop

US Ambassador Teddy Taylor, Mrs Corbin-Taylor, Jazz Ambassadors Freddie Bryant, Gilad Dobrecky, expressive arts teachers and students of Gordons Secondary School

US Ambassador Teddy B Taylor and Mrs Antoinette Corbin-Taylor today visited the Gordons Secondary School to see visiting US musicians Freddie Bryant and Gilad Dobrecky conduct a musical workshop for the music students at Gordons Secondary School followed by a public performance for all staff and students.

The students learned about different musical styles, with Freddie playing three types of guitars and Gilad putting on a show with a myriad of percussion instruments.

The Gordons music students also taught the visiting musicians about traditional musical instruments of Papua New Guinea, which the students then used in a performance for their fellow students, accompanying Freddie and Gilad.

The performance was well-received by the students and administration of Gordons Secondary School, with the audience participating in several songs through both clapping in rhythm and singing along.

Everyone at the show, including the musicians themselves, had a wonderful time, and everyone enjoyed the cultural exchange and coordination of American Jazz, international rhythms, and Papua New Guinean accompaniment.

Freddie and Gilad are in Papua New Guinea this week conducting music workshops and performances with students in Port Moresby at Marianville Secondary School, Gordons Secondary School, Korobesea International School, and youths from the Eight-Mile Settlement.

They will also conduct a two-day music clinic at the University of Papua New Guinea and a public performance on Wednesday, Feb 10 at 3pm.

Freddie Bryant and Gilad Dobrecky were in Port Moresby last June and conducted several musical workshops and performances for students at Gerehu Secondary School, Kilkila Secondary School, POM Grammar School, UPNG, the Children’s University of Music and Art and the Community Partnership Art Education Programme in Eight-Mile.

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  1. Anonymous4:36 AM

    This Jazz Cultural Event in Papua New Guinea is welcomed
    now what is needed is the "exchange" of
    PNG artist touring U.S. Colleges and Universities.

    Roland L. Beanum, MBA
    Economic Advisor
    Consulate of Papua New Guinea
    Los Angeles, California