Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ice falls in Komo

More than 2,000 people in Komo and Mananda villages in the Southern Highlands have been affected by frost, The National reports.
A villager (pictured) showing a chunk of ice found in his garden on Monday afternoon. 
Other villagers also found their gardens and surroundings affected and have called on the government to assist them. 
It is understood that LNG developer ExxonMobil officers are in the area assessing the situation.

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  1. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Scientists sounded the climate change trumpet in the 1980s. But no one gave a damn. Today, reality is at our doorsteps. Climate change is already here in PNG. Floods, surging sea waves, Cyclone Guba and now ice in SHP. What more proof do we need to have before we develop ore climate change legislation and policy. DEC and the government have taken too long to develop our climate change legislation and policy....