Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In Port Moresby today

The are pictures taken during the course of my work in and around Port Moresby today, showing the good, the bad, and the ugly of our capital city and home.
May they inspire you towards creating a better Port Moresby for all of us.
Heading down the freeway today.-All pictures@MALUM NALU

Harbour City

Things that make you go "bump" at Harbour City roundabout

Bomber crater heading from Harvour City towards Downtown

Heading towards town

In town

Pothole along Hunter Street

Hunter Street

The shame of Hunter Street

Vehicle heading along Hunter Street

Crossroads of Hunter and Macgregor streets

Vehicles outside Crowne Plaza

Note the old fella juxtaposed against another another monolith along Hunter Street, Downtown Port Moresby, heading down towards Ela Beach. Port Moresby is indeed a city of extreme contrasts

View from Crowne Plaza

The twin towers of Crowne Plaza (forground) and Grand Papua Hotel in Downtown Port Moresby today. Looming in the background to complete the trifecta is the Delloites Tower

An evergreeen view of Ela Beach stretching as far as Manuabada Island as seen from outside Crowne Plaza today

I was standing at the crossroads of Douglas and Hunter Street in Downtown Port Moresby today, waiting for my driver, when I thought to myself that PNG is indeed at the crossroads in the garden of good and evil.Food for thought...

Crossroads of Douglas and Hunter Street in Downtown Port Moresby today

Hunter Street

Douglas Street

Ela Beach

Ela Beach

Ela Beach

Casurinas of Ela Beach

Ela Beach

Climbing Lawes Road

Descending Lawes Road

Lawes Road

Lawes Road

Lawes Road, Konedobu

Harbour City roundabout

Harbour City roundabout

View from the freeway



Greenery of Hohola

Buai sellers of Hohola

Hohola bus stop

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