Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Governor, administrator keen on investments in Morobe


Morobe Governor Kelly Naru and provincial administrator Kemas Tomala are both keen on bringing in more investments into Lae, the industrial centre of Papua New Guinea, and the province as a whole
Naru and Tomala said the investment climate had never been better, especially with development of the Lae port and other resource developments such as the giant Wafi-Golpu mining prospect, and Morobe was assured of a good future.
They especially welcomed the latest inclusion to Lae’s commercial scene.  Majestic Seafoods’ K80 million new tuna cannery outside Lae, which will employ at least 5,000 people when in full operation.
The main building of Majestic Seafoods’ K80 million new tuna cannery at Malahang outside Lae.-Nationalpic by MALUM NALU

“My own view is that I approach the growth and development of the city and province with an open-door policy,” Naru told The National.
“I’m a team player and I want to allow economic growth, and investment, as part and parcel of this city and province.
“I’m happy with the fisheries projects and others coming into the province because they will create economic growth, employment, and cut down law and order problems.
“I believe in investments and I believe there’s a lot of potential to attract all different kinds of investment.
“My administration is happy to work with and talk with investors who want to do business in Lae.”
Tomala predicted a bright future for Lae and Morobe province over the next 100 years, especially with the development of the Lae port and Wafi-Golpu.
“The economy of Morobe in general is looking good,” he told The National.
“In terms of the next 100 years or so, it will be a very bright future, based on current trends in business investments in Lae.
“We’re looking at the fishing industry, general downstream processing in Lae, and manufacturing industries coming in.
“We also have the new port coming in, which will propel a lot of investments coming in.
“We’re also looking at the mining sector, especially the Wafi-Golpu projects which comes on stream in 2014-2015.
“This will be major economic investments that will trigger off a lot of commercial investments in Lae.
“At the moment, we’re advised that it (Wafi-Golpu) will be around for 40-60 years, so this is going to be a major investment in its own right.
“This will trigger off a lot of commercial investments in Lae.”
Kemala said economic activities were also planned for the Markham Valley including agri-business, power generation and others.
He said companies from neighbouring provinces such as Madang were using Lae to conduct business as well as use the Lae port, which augured well for the city and province.

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