Monday, August 27, 2012

Today's buai pekpek in Port Moresby

With a little over two years to go before Port Moresby hosts the 2015 Pacific Games, the Papua New Guinea capital continues to retain its mettle as one of the filthiest capital cities in the world, where people spit betelnut, litter and do anything they want with no sense of ownership whatsoever.
Here are some pictures from the weekend.

The deterioration of Hohola Children's Park into a public dump for buai chewers, drunks and drug users shows shows much much we care for our city.

A state-of-emergency should declared to fight the buai pekpek and general littering in our towns and cities. It should be made a criminal offence of the same level as crime and corruption.

Plastics, plastics everywhere

The drains in Port Moresby are clogged with filth and stink to high heaven, such that you wonder if there is a council at all. This drain along Wards Road, Hohola, stank, yesterday arvo and when I took a closer look, saw a dead dog (left), plastic and all manner of filth. Give us a cleaner PNG for our children!

Papua New Guinea, you can have all the money in the world, all I want is a clean town with civilised people! It's time for us like-minded Papua New Guineans to create our own utopia, free of buai-chewing litter-bugs! This is the dump outside Aopi Centre in Waigani yesterday arvo.  

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