Sunday, September 07, 2014

Painting the town red

Buai (betel nut) spit is ruining everything in this country including the brand-new road infrastructure along the Hubert Murray Highway between 9-Mile and Erima. 
Every second vehicle has people spitting buai pekpek (betel nut shit) and running the new roads, pavements, road signs, everything. 
Buai skins line the road. 
Oh well, I supposed we're painting the town red for the 2015 Pacific Games and APEC 2018 (I don't know how we got this honor when we're so filthy).
 It goes without saying that this country will never change, despite all the "LNG money" because we can't change our useless habits like buai
My solution: Buai chewers should be forced at gunpoint to swallow what they're chewing so that it becomes real "buai pekpek" and paints their asses red,

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